Oxygen – Your Secret Weapon

Breathing is the most crucial of all physiological functions, yet the majority of us do not give breathing another thought. Breathing efficiently can improve your energy, enhance your metabolism and boost the efficacy of toxin elimination from the human body.

I first came to love breathing as a key weapon whilst training in martial arts in which I had been introduced to the idea of Chi. Chi isn’t breath, it’s the power which makes it feasible for us to breathe. It’s possible to think of Chi just like a rechargeable battery, so it should be replenished. By energising your system using Chi it’s revitalised naturally helping you to fight off illness and maintain decent health. In karate this system of breathing allows practitioners to create power and force, and also to retain Chi from the body to increase the energy results.

While Chi is an invisible force which requires many years of training to comprehend, there are a number of fundamental principles that you and I will take from such teachings – the secret is to slow down, breathe and relax, and from doing this, know that you’re generating more energy to yourself. No doubt if it is possible to relate to this you’re left feeling exhausted and burnt out, however you’ve got no choice to prevent you just need to keep going so that you are able to do it all again tomorrow.

As soon as I ceased training in martial arts and became a mom I forgot for some time about the significance of Chi and breathing – that the significance of slowing down myself emotionally, mentally and emotionally to recharge.

Two of the very best practices that I opted to embrace were Meditation and Pilates. Both of which allowed me to slow down, still my thoughts and breathe! What I’m now currently discovering is that these clinics are also a amazing present for me to talk about with my kids. And also the significance of breathing doesn’t end there. How you breather can’t just help with your energy levels and psychological balance it’s also a determining factor of your own weight. Learning how to breathe more naturally and efficiently may have a potent effect on your metabolism. Healthful breathing enables you to reach the ideal balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide within our cells that rewards your metabolism.

Therefore, how can we know how to breathe effectively? That is a skill we could actually learn from our kids. Children profoundly, by their diaphragm – because we age our breathing will acquire more shallow and rapid. The secret is to slow down, breathe in slowly and deeply, hold your breath, and then release all of the way out gradually and pushing all of the air out from the diaphragm. To increase the physical advantages from deep breathing you might also wish to provide breathing in a ratio of 1 (in): 4 (grip): two (discharge) – eg. This technique maximises your own cells saturation of oxygen and promotes the expelling of toxins in the body – generating energy out of you to use. This technique also improves the operation of your lymphatic system that’s like the own body’s sewage system – Fixing the system of toxins.

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